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Home > Products > CO2 Valves (SS02-210-004)
CO2 Valves (SS02-210-004)
Product Code: SS02-210-004
Inlet Thread PZ27.8*14
Outlet Thread Φ21.7*14
Dip Tube Thread   M10*1
Pressure Mpa 22.5±10%

CO2 Valves including normal CO2 valve and CO2 hand wheel valve.

CO2 valve body material is brass.

The valve body surface could be copper nature or chrome or nickel plated.

The valve handle thickness is 1.5mm.

The handle color could be red, black or according to customer’s requirements.

CO2 valve equipped with safety device and Germany bursting disc.

Zoey trading could carve customer’s logos on the valve body, valve handles and plastic chains.

CO2 valve has obtained CE certificate.

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